Marcomm myself

Things are good, things are happening. I’m getting interviews with some pretty heavy hitters. No luck/word yet, but, it’s coming.

I’ve been trying to use this off-time wisely. And I think I’ve been somewhat successful! I launched this blog (wanted to wait six months since my transfer to this new platform), tweaked and finalized my marketing portfolio (lemme know if you want to view it!), and am making my way through my Content Marketing Certification course from Hubspot. Completing these things has not only given me extra tools to promote myself to recruiters and hiring managers, but has, and will continue to, grow my knowledge base. I now: understand WordPress creation and manipulation better; have a deeper understanding of content marketing best practices; and have strengthened my marketing collateral curation skills. How convenient it is that as I nurture my thirst to be more marketing savvy, I become a better candidate for jobs.

I just want to keep it movin’. I love marketing and I get excited thinking of when I’ll be able to put my passion and hard-work into a new role.

Digital marketing analytics

I’m thinking of making a private tab where I host my portfolio – maybe making it password protected. We’ll see. That may be over-the-top.

Until next time!


P.S. – Marcomm stands for marketing communications. Get it?





First blog post…

on WordPress that is! I have had a “business” blog for awhile, but I’ve recently had to switch website hosts.

I am starting to use this platform because Blogger has unfortunately become an obsolete product. I found that the host didn’t support web page creation, and was literally, simply a blogging channel. And while this is just a blog for now, maybe one day I’ll want to add other components to the site – maybe a page on my sister’s brand (I plan on partnering with her on some business projects eventually), or a tell-all page once my secret professional dance career is over and I can share my secret with the world (you’re like. “what?”. More on that later…maybe), or perhaps I’ll even set up an e-commerce shop to sell “Kirkland” apparel. Who is to say!

So, here we are on WordPress instead. I’m enjoying learning the how-to’s of this platform. Lots of #content to create and curate!

Disclaimer: I am deep in the job market right now. And all the time I’d typically give to updating and researching noteworthy things to blog about is going to “job-searchy” type things for the time being.

That’s all for now, folks!