digital media

Use digital media efficiently 

The digital media platforms are accelerating quickly, and marketers still have issues with confirming the ROI is high enough to justify the cost. 

How to use digital media most efficiently: 

1) Set a KPI- Key performer indicator. Use this metric to analyze if a certain medium worked. Other metrics may be useful in analyzing interesting questions that arise, but don’t let them distract you from getting the answer to “is this channel working for my company”. 

2). Verify with third party tracking – As much as it’d be nice to trust media partners, companies should cross check their sites’ monthly hits, daily hits, click through rates, etc. If the publisher isn’t going to be transparent, we ought to know.  

3) Measure activity – This is a given for any marketer. Nobody should waste their time on a media that doesn’t grow their companies reach or show return. Track digital media like you would traditional. Typically, companies use a mix of all media types. 

Straight forward and clean concepts. I like ’em. Useful incite. 

Original article written by Liam Brennan, Global Digita Director at MediaCom.