25 Best Habits 

1.) Wake up early

2.) Show gratitude

3.) Smile.

4.) Eat a healthy breakfast

5.) Excercise

6.) Drink water with lemon 

7.) Walk 10,000 steps

8.) Increase vitamin and mineral intake

9.) Have effective time management (Dually noted!)

10.) Daily goal setting 

11.) Inspire yourself 

12.) Save and invest

13.) Budget and track expenses 

14.) Learn something new

15.) Organize

16.) Contribute to others 

17.) Network

18.) Break through fears

19.) Take action 

20.) Follow a plan 

21.) Enjoy “me” time

22.) Impliment positive thinking 

23.) Read

24.) Get ample rest

25.) Journal your thoughts 

I try to bring all the elements of this list into my life. I’ve read many of these what I’ll call “self help” articles, and they all focus on the same principles on how to be the happiest, healthiest, most alive version of oneself. I posted the list here because it never hurts to reimerse myself in this type of thought. 

This list was curated by R.L Adams at Entrepreneur.com. Read the full article: bit.ly/2gJmwKS

First blog post…

on WordPress that is! I have had a “business” blog for awhile, but I’ve recently had to switch website hosts.

I am starting to use this platform because Blogger has unfortunately become an obsolete product. I found that the host didn’t support web page creation, and was literally, simply a blogging channel. And while this is just a blog for now, maybe one day I’ll want to add other components to the site – maybe a page on my sister’s brand (I plan on partnering with her on some business projects eventually), or a tell-all page once my secret professional dance career is over and I can share my secret with the world (you’re like. “what?”. More on that later…maybe), or perhaps I’ll even set up an e-commerce shop to sell “Kirkland” apparel. Who is to say!

So, here we are on WordPress instead. I’m enjoying learning the how-to’s of this platform. Lots of #content to create and curate!

Disclaimer: I am deep in the job market right now. And all the time I’d typically give to updating and researching noteworthy things to blog about is going to “job-searchy” type things for the time being.

That’s all for now, folks!