Insta Marketing a Clothing Brand: Analytics

I’ve been assisting my sister’s brand on some marketing initiatives and advertising campaigns. She’s a YouTube sensation (search “Nicole Kirkland”) who has grown her online profile to include dance tutorials, Vlogs, and class footage from several dance studios in Los Angeles.

She’s recently partnered with a distribution company for her clothing line, “The NK Collection“. The collaboration has been working pretty well – a few bumps and things to work through as with any newly developed partnership.

I was excited because her 121k follower count on Instagram means she’s eligible to include links on her IG story (an account needs >10k followers to have this feature). You know the “Swipe Up for more!” tidbit you see on certain profiles’ Insta stories? That’s what I’m talking ’bout here. Nicole’s is the largest social account I’ve toyed with, and I was excited to see some metrics during post-campaign analysis.

I used a screenshot of the landing page as the creative background (product image included as to see what the new merch is) and of course, I included the big fat “Swipe ^!” call-to-action.


You’ll see I’ve also included a screenshot of the post’s results. About 11% of her followers viewed her story, while about  .01% of viewers clicked-thru (swiped up) to the website. I’ve looked through the inter webs for industry averages on story views and link clicks, but didn’t find a solid reference point. I would imagine there is a formula out there that takes the account’s follower number into consideration, I just have to dig a little more.



What I’m working on now: pulling sales reports to look at conversion rates. I’m hoping to gain incite as to where the biggest drop off for our customers is.

I’m having fun. I heart marketing.

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